StormPro™ - Hurricane Rated Metal Vision Frames
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Hurricane Rated Vision Frame, Glass and Tape System
MATERIAL: 18 GA. Galvanized Steel, 1/2" clear glass and VHB glazing tape.
FINISH: Grey Primer, Beige, or Bronze Baked Enamel.
INSTALLATION: The StormPro-HR™ is easy to install and provides a low profile, flush to the door look. Uses 1-3/4" sheet metal screws that pass through the door cutout, and fastens to the opposite side of the vision frame. 5/8 x .090 thick conformable HRT-090 glazing tape is supplied and installed on both sides of the glass.
DOOR THICKNESS: For 1-3/4" Approved Metal doors
GLAZING: Glass is comprised of 2 pieces of 3/16" clear annealed with a .120 Uvekol™ “S” clear laminate. Overall glass thickness is 1/2".
Maximum Size: 36" wide x 72" tall cutout
(visible lite 33-1/2" x 69-1/2")
OPTIONAL FEATURES: Stainless Steel, Custom Baked Enamel Paint Colors, Security Screws
Hurricane / Windstorm Approval: w/ U.L. mark
ASTM E330, E1886, E1996
Complies with Florida Building Code Standards
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Installation Instructions
Hurricane Rated 4 Pager

Product Features
Screws for Metal Vision Frames

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